Dental specialist system

We provide dental specialists for each field of treatment.

Giving patients the best treatment outcome.

Digital X-ray equipment

All the X-ray equipments in this clinic are digital which provide high quality image and result in accurate diagnosis.

Also, the amount of radiation used with this digital X-ray equipments are only 10% of those conventional X-ray.

Holidays of 2020
   1 Jan (Wed) New Year’s Day 年始休暇
  10 Apr (Fri) Songkran Festival ソンクラーン祭
  11 Apr (Sat) Songkran Festival ソンクラーン祭
  12 Apr (Sun) Songkran Festival ソンクラーン祭
  13 Apr (Mon) Songkran Festival ソンクラーン祭
  14 Apr (Tue) Songkran Festival ソンクラーン祭
  15 Apr (Wed) Songkran Festival ソンクラーン祭
   1 May (Fri) National Labour Day メーデー
   6 May (Wed) Wisakha Bucha Day 仏誕節
   5 Jul (Sun) Asarnha Bucha Day 三宝節
  23 Oct (Fri) King Chulalongkorn's Day チュラロンコーン大王記念日
  29 & 30 Nov (Sun & Mon)
  30 Dec (Wed) Year Closing Day 年末休日
  31 Dec (Thu) Year Closing Day 年末休日


[New Year’s holiday closing day]
We will close 30 Dec 2020 Wed) – 4 Jan 2021(Mon).
We will open from 5 Jan 2021 Dec (Tue).
[Notice of holiday]
We will close 29 & 30 Nov (Sun & Mon).
We will open from 1st Dec (Tue).
Update information of Invisalign
<News from the New Year’s holiday closing day>
We will rest for three days, December 31st, January 1st and 2nd.
The website has been updated.

18 years of oral health care experience for Japanese patients in Bangkok

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Operating hours : Mon / Tue / Fri 10:00 – 20:00, Sat 9:00 - 20:00, Sun 9:00 - 18:00
Closed on : Wed, Thu, New year’s eve & new year, Songkarn festival, Some of Public Holidays
*Wednesday is closed temporary.